Lemon Meringue Layer Cake

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This Lemon Meringue Layer Cake has light and fluffy cake layers that are sandwiched together with tangy lemon curd for a bright and sunny summery treat! A cloud of swirly meringue smothers the cake before being adorned with nearly neon-colored citrus slices. Each bite is literally bursting with flavor! Serve with a side of sunshine =)

When it’s dark and dreary outside, winter citrus come to the rescue just in time to save us from a post-holiday slump. They arrive bursting with flavor and new life, even when the buckets of rain seem never ending and spring seems to start later and later each year. They perform the thankless duty of brightening up our dishes why we desperately wait for the ever more popular rhubarb, strawberries, and stone fruit. While most of us can’t wait to hit up the summer Farmer’s Market once our favorite fruits finally arrive, I bet nobody ever said “I am really excited about lime season.”

Even with rhubarb currently hitting the market shelves and strawberries start to actually taste like strawberries (you know what I mean, not the unseasonal white-on-the-inside kind that pretty much taste like water), part of me still can’t resist the punch of a good lemon curd from time to time. With the sun rising at 5am and setting well past 8pm, I can’t help but welcome this delightful Lemon Meringue Layer Cake into my kitchen.

I eat a lot of cake. Like, way too much. I tend to get buttercream burn-out, so sadly a lot of the cakes that I make end up in the compost or stored in the freezer by the end of the week. Not this cake though! We devoured its entirety. The layers themselves are super tender and springy. Using the reverse-creaming method, that are significantly lighter than my go-to butter cake. The lemon curd is definitely the star – sweet, sour, and full of flavor. I like the way it soaks into the cake layers a bit by the second or third day. Smothered in swirls of meringue, this is the kind of cake you can keep eating and eating without feeling weighed down by buckets of butter. You could toast it like lemon meringue pie, but this cake doesn’t need to climb on the pie version’s shoulders to be seen. It’s so tasty as a cake and not trying to mimic the popular pie.


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